PAC Air/Eau 12 Kw Expand

PAC Air/Eau 12 Kw


Power restored MAX: 12 Kw
MAX power consumption: 2.8 Kw
Hot water outlet temperature: 7 to 60 ° C
Operating temperature: -25 to 45 ° C
Dimensions: 830 x 490 x 1160 mm

COP MAX: 5.1!

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3'990.00 CHF



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The heat pump will draw heat energy from the outside ambient air, available in unlimited quantities, for distribution inside the house. With 1kw of electricity you will produce up to 5.1 kw of heating!


Thanks to Rewary's PowerFrost technology, our heat pumps are the only ones to achieve 100% efficiency at -15 ° C outdoor temperatures, while standard heat pumps will have already lost more than 30% of their power! In the same way all our heat pumps allow a use up to outside temperatures of -25 ° C, guaranteeing an optimal heating even during the most severe winters.


An anti-freeze mode allows you to leave your home for a long time without worrying about the electricity bill or frost problems.


Thanks to the high-temperature mode Rewary heat pumps allow you to keep your old radiators. Indeed the water can reach the temperature of 60 ° C, perfect for any old radiator.


Our heat pumps are therefore the ideal choice for replacing an old boiler with oil, gas, wood or pellet. 

Easy to install, without having to make important carotages, they will be the ideal choice in case of renovation.

Alimentation électrique 380V~415V/50Hz/3ph
Capacité de chauffage 9,1 Kw
Puissance d'entrée chauffage 2,8 Kw
COP chauffage 3,25
Capacité de climatisation 7,1 Kw
Puissance d'entrée climatisation 2,62 Kw
COP climatisation 2,71
Capacité de chauffage eau chaude 10,4 Kw
Puissance d'entrée eau chaude 2,7 Kw
COP eau chaude 3,81
Intensité courant nominale 5,9 Amp
Puissance ventilateur 90 Watts
Nombre de ventilateur 1 pièce
Débit d'eau 2350 Litres / Heure
Perte de pression 50 Kpa
Poids 112 Kg
Nuisances sonores 50 db
Diamètre du tuyau DN 25 (1")
Dimensions 830 x 490 x 1160 mm